Lightweight, user-friendly CAT WOMEN ONE Women's ballistic vest designed for top and concealed wear. Its design and cut provides protection around the entire circumference of the upper torso in the front, back and partly in the side profile, partly also in the shoulder area. The solution of the vest in the chest part due to the female design is solved by the "monocup" system.

Tabulka velikostí

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Pánské velikosti

XS 40 78-82 66-70 160-168
42 82-86 70-74
S 44 86-90 74-78 166-173
46 90-94 78-82
M 48 94-98 82-86 171-179
50 98-102 86-90
L 52 102-106 90-94 177-186
54 106-110 94-98
XL 56 110-114 98-102 182-188
58 114-118 102-106
2XL 60 118-122 106-110 185-191
62 122-126 110-114
3XL 64 126-130 114-118 188-192
66 130-134 118-122
4XL 68 134-138 122-126 188-192
70 138-142 126-130
5XL 72 142-146 130-134 190-194
74 146-150 134-138

Dámské velikosti

XS 32 70-74 58-62 156-162
34 74-78 62-66
S 36 78-82 66-70 160-166
38 82-86 70-74
M 40 86-90 74-78 164-170
42 90-94 78-82
L 44 94-98 82-86 168-174
46 98-102 86-90
XL 48 102-106 90-94 172-176
50 106-110 94-98
2XL 52 110-114 98-102 174-178
54 114-118 102-106
3XL 56 118-122 106-110 176-180
58 122-126 110-114

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The clamping system is guided from the back to the front by a pair of separate elastic straps finished with Velcro fasteners. Each spring of the clamping system can be fixed at a separate clamping angle and with a different intensity of the joint formed.
The advantage of the CAT WOMEN ONE ballistic vest is the high discretion of the protective device worn. The vest can be worn under loose clothing without the use of the ballistic vest being noticeable. The shaped design of the front and back with regard to the total protective area provided will reward you with the ability to move freely without restriction, and wearing it is not restrictive to any activity. Suitable for civilians, members of the Czech Police, diplomatic corps and other organizations.


- Lightweight and comfortable women's vest for concealed and overhead wear
- Ability to move and act without restriction of movement
- Individual adjustment of a pair of clamping springs on the sides of the vest
- When properly fitted, the CAT WOMAN ONE fits well and does not shift when the vest changes position. and movement
- The soft ballistic inserts are inserted into the cover through a spiral zippered opening, sandwiched between Velcro closures on the front and above the bottom edge on the back
- In the basic version, a mossy Velcro section is sewn onto the front. If requested, the vest can be supplied without this Velcro. Must be specified in advance in the order.
- The CAT WOMAN ONE ballistic vest is suitable for the driver as well as other members of the vehicle. The shaping of the lower edge of the front of the vest when in the seated position prevents the vest from moving upwards. You are always ready with the vest in the standby position. In the case of a prolonged sitting position, the vest can be slightly loosened at the sides, but thanks to the large area of low-profile Velcro on the sides of the front piece, you will always have the CAT WOMAN ONE Ballistic Vest on.
- The 3D material does an excellent job of thermoregulation. The 3D material used is approximately 4mm high and has an antibacterial treatment for increased wearing comfort.
- Lightweight and easy to maintain

Basic kit composition:

- Front and back part of the cover
- Ballistic inserts: front and back part (design - ballistic inserts construction to choose)


Lining: 100% PES Sanitezed®, antibacterial and anti-allergy treatment
Fabric: Cordura® or 100% PES with high abrasion resistance


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Tabulky velikostí:

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