The GHOST ballistic t-shirt belongs to a range of ballistic concealed carry protective equipment suitable for personal protection of the individual, also suitable for use in professional operations. It also provides high protection for managers, as well as for persons moving in areas with a high accumulation of people where they may be threatened by firearms.

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XS 40 78-82 66-70 160-168
42 82-86 70-74
S 44 86-90 74-78 166-173
46 90-94 78-82
M 48 94-98 82-86 171-179
50 98-102 86-90
L 52 102-106 90-94 177-186
54 106-110 94-98
XL 56 110-114 98-102 182-188
58 114-118 102-106
2XL 60 118-122 106-110 185-191
62 122-126 110-114
3XL 64 126-130 114-118 188-192
66 130-134 118-122
4XL 68 134-138 122-126 188-192
70 138-142 126-130
5XL 72 142-146 130-134 190-194
74 146-150 134-138

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XS 32 70-74 58-62 156-162
34 74-78 62-66
S 36 78-82 66-70 160-166
38 82-86 70-74
M 40 86-90 74-78 164-170
42 90-94 78-82
L 44 94-98 82-86 168-174
46 98-102 86-90
XL 48 102-106 90-94 172-176
50 106-110 94-98
2XL 52 110-114 98-102 174-178
54 114-118 102-106
3XL 56 118-122 106-110 176-180
58 122-126 110-114

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The ballistic shirt provides protection to the torso by being worn concealed directly on the body. Whether wearing a ballistic shirt for protection - personal safety prevention or for professional tasks, the GHOST ballistic shirt allows for maximum concealment of ballistic protection when worn directly on the body without the need for additional clothing.

The ballistic T-shirt is one complete piece like a standard T-shirt, sewn together from several different pieces of different materials, where each chosen material has its specific function, with sewn-in zippers on the sides. All the materials used belong to the group of functional materials, which have the task of thermoregulation, sweat and moisture wicking, your overall comfort and the possibility of wearing the ballistic t-shirt without time limitation and without losing the advantage of discreet wear.

The T-shirt meets all the comfort requirements for wearing, it is made of elastic functional materials. The construction allows for easy donning and doffing and a good fit to the body. The side zippers are used to facilitate the donning and doffing of the ballistic t-shirt. The ballistic liner is inserted into the front and back of the ballistic T-shirt from the inside of the ballistic T-shirt cover into internal pockets made of antibacterial mesh.

The inner parts are made of functional materials, similar to those used for thermal underwear as known in the sports sector, namely Coolmax® functional polyester fibre. Where the body is protected by the ballistic liner, the ballistic shirt's inner coating is reinforced with a functional material containing silver and a conductive carbon-based fibre to enhance the effect of the functional materials and thermoregulation. It is antibacterial and eliminates electrostatic discharge.
V-neck front.

Large covering protective area of ballistic inserts and reliable overlapping in the sides.
High stability of the ballistic inserts even during demanding movements is ensured by the multi-layer construction of the ballistic shirt coating.

  • Neither ballistic inserts nor spacers are included in the LS28 ballistic shirt.

The ballistic T-shirt has been tested and is introduced, among others, in the special groups of the Army.


  • Functional materials include silver and carbon-based conductive fiber, are antibacterial and eliminate electrostatic discharge.
  • Due to its combined structure (profiled fibre with a larger surface area and a cavity), the registered fibre has the following properties:

The material properties significantly increase user comfort compared to other materials used.
Large covering area and reliable overlap in the sides.
High stability of the insoles even during demanding movements is ensured by the multi-layer construction.
The multi-layer construction consists of an outer coating with high elasticity, an inner coating with high absorption capacity with a sweat wicking system outside the contact surfaces.
The interchangeable interlayer reduces temperature and vapour transport away from the body without the need for an additional layer of functional underwear.
Long-term tested by the Czech Army.
Tight, precise and stable fit according to body parameters.

Basic composition of the kit:

- 1 piece of complete cover (front and back part is firmly connected in the shoulder area)
- Ballistic inserts: front and back part (design - construction of ballistic inserts according to choice)


functional knits: COOLMAX®, COOLMAX® with LYCRO
lining: 100% PES Sanitezed®


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